Smart Affordable Detox Treatment
Start Outpatient Alcohol & Drug Detox Today!


RecoveryWorks has Outpatient Detox Treatment services available in a safe, quiet and comfortable setting. Clark Smith, M.D. is a board certified addiction specialist and expert in medically assisted detox treatment.  We have RN addiction specialist nurses on staff to ensure your safe and comfortable detox treatment.

Most treatment programs either allow you to suffer through withdrawal, or push you into an expensive and uncomfortable hospital detoxification. Patients are routinely forced to wait for hours in noisy emergency rooms before they are even seen by a doctor. The ER staff are not likely to be experts in detox, and patients are at risk for seizures, DT’s and agonizing withdrawal.

After the hospitalization is ended, patients are often discharged without the follow-up care they need to avoid relapse, and so are doomed to go through the whole vicious cycle all over again. The average patient goes through this four or five times before getting the correct help they need.  At RecoveryWorks, Dr. Smith and the addiction nurse specialist are already on staff. You evaluation and treatment can start right away, in a safe, quiet and comfortable setting. Most patients start feeling better in the first hour, and dramatic improvement in the first day.

Our goal for our patients is to start the right treatment the first time, so that this can be the last time they will have to suffer through this.