Prior to Recovery Works, I had experienced numerous starts and stops with other healthcare individuals and programs.  I was impressed with Recovery Works from our initial meeting.  The staff embodies professionalism not only from an educational and practical experience perspective, but perhaps most importantly, they genuinely care about helping people.  I would highly recommend Recovery Works and actually have to a good friend.

Cathy B.

Recovery works and Dr. Clark Smith have made the most impact on my sobriety and my well-being of any program I have been to and I’ve been to probably about 15. This has been the most all encompassing program I’ve been in that has allowed me to recover from my ADHD as well as my addictions and my alcoholism and it has been  safe and a lifesaver!

RecoveryWorks graduate
Anthony S.

Dr. Smith,

I wanted to say thank you for giving me my life I have today. Through your guidance, expertise, compassion and understanding, I walk as a free man today. Free from the chaos of drugs and alcohol. Most importantly, I have peace in my life, love in my heart and serenity in my mind. I celebrate 3.5 years clean and sober today. So, thank you for all you do. I couldn’t do it without you. I still think about all the conversations we had. Amazing how my life got better and better.

To all other viewers,

To have success, I had to be honest, open-minded, and willing. Honest with Dr. Smith, my family, my support group and most importantly myself. My life depended on this; still does. My back was up against the wall and I was broken on the inside. I needed help, and Dr. Smith was there.


Sheri S.

I am so thankful for the life changing care I received from Dr. Clark Smith and his staff.  I had been going back and forth between sobriety and drinking for almost half of my life, never knowing why I kept putting myself through that vicious cycle.  Dr. Smith and his staff helped me understand what was driving my insanity and I finally broke free from my addiction.  Before Recovery Works, I went to 4 other inpatient rehabs and I never received the attentive care and concern that I received from the outpatient team at Recovery Works.  I will have two years sober in May and I no longer have the want or desire to drink.  No matter what the problem is, if you receive the right kind of care, the problem can be evaluated and attended to.  I highly recommend Dr. Clark Smith and his qualified/caring staff.  What you get out of the program is what you are willing to put in, and Recovery Works will help you get there, as well as give you tools to keep you on the path to happiness and sobriety.  Definitely a life changing program.

Daniel Gardner, MD

Dr. Smith would be my first choice if I had a family member or close friend in need of the type of services that Dr. Smith provides.

I have known Dr. Smith as a trusted physician colleague for over 35 years. During that time I have referred patients with complicated psychiatric and chemical dependency conditions to Dr. Smith for consultation and treatment.  I have been impressed by the respect and concern he has shown for my patients, in addition to the highly competent and effective care he has provided. It is also a pleasure to work with a physician who communicates so well with his colleagues and patients.

Distinguished Life Fellow, American Psychiatric Association